Monday, May 8, 2017

1st weigh in

I started off at 285...i weighed in today and....drum roll please....280!!! Wamp wamp wamp!! I almost got discouraged until i had to check myself. I told myself, yea u did good mon thru thurs but u fell off there towards the end homegirl. Those sweeta u ate on friday,Saturday amd Sunday hung around. Yea u walked on Saturday and Sunday and even did 25 minutes of Mommys Got Soul workout but u gotta stay consistent baby if u wanna see tremendous results. So dont get down with ur 5lbs at least u loss weight.  Just go a lil harder this week, remain consistent and drink more water!! So i took my advice i have completed a gallon of water today amd im writing this blog while waiting on zumba class to start.  I will succeed this time!!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The weekend will not beat me

Yesterday i started off great!!! Drinking my water eating healthy and even dancing a little bit to get my heart rate up and body fat down!!! Great start huh?? Didn't end that way though. We had a going away party for someone at work and by the end of my work day i had eaten more sweets in 1hour than i had wanted to!! That was devastating and i felt a little down.... BUUUTTTT i was not out!!! Today is a new day!! And i will make it a better one than yeaterday. I started off with doing 25 minutes of the Mommys Got Soul workout dvd and i am headed out to get my walk on!! Can't let the  problems of yesterday weigh u down today. Leave what happened in the past, IN THE PAST!! Im gonna succeed this time!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

1 mo to go

Day 2 of 3 in the all fruits and vegetables phase. I am starving or at least i think i am. Thats the thing about changing your eating habits you crave the things that you used to have. Im content but i want cookies and chicken. I wont have it though i got one more day left and i will succeed!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

It's go time!!

Tomorrow is the day and I AM READY!! #SheLean program is in gear!! #Leggo